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Feb 15, 2023

Download CarX Street APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


If you are a speed enthusiast and like street racing scenes in famous blockbuster movies? CarX Street is a game that you cannot ignore. CarX Street is an extremely attractive street racing game with 3D images and street scenes reproduced in the game in lifelike. When you join the game, it promises to bring you the most authentic and wonderful driving experience to you. Download Game Car X Street Now at TechLoky to show off your driving skills and become a formidable racer.

Introduction of CarX Street

CarX Street is a street racing game that brings a lot of speed pleasure and also makes players have moments to immerse themselves in a magnificent city scene both day and night. 
CarX Street is published by CarX Technologies. This is indeed a famous game company worldwide with the CarX series. And you must have played through some of their games like: CarX Drift Racing, CarX Drift Racing 2, CarX Rally, CarX Drift Racing Lite, …. Racing games have also achieved success with the great buzz of titles like Need for Speed attracting a lot of fans to these game genres. CarX Technologies has heavily taken cues from NFS games and added unique features that elevate its game to other competitors.

When you are tired of the speed racing games around the traditional classic track, with the enthusiastic cheering crowd in the stands, then join CarX Street right away. Car X Street has established itself as a premium racer for Android through its dashboard-quality visuals and impeccable optimization. Street racing with this realistic story is more attractive than you think.

Background of CarX Street

CarX Street is built on the context of a modern city, a city of speed. The best groups of racers emerged and all the power in this city.When participating in the game, you will be transformed into a member of a famous racing club such as Sunset City, Wild Juniors. This club is famous in the racing world because of its wealth and expensive cars, making everyone jealous, the police must be wary of the power of this club. That's why the two clubs are always facing each other, competing little by little, so they have brought dramatic racing scenes to delight the eyes on the streets of the city.

Are you ready to join and become a member of one of two clubs and start becoming a great racer taking part in dramatic races?

Highlights of CarX Street

Many different game modes.

For CarX Street you can choose to play the campaign mode where you have a lot of different levels and there are many other racing cars for you to enjoy driving. Not only that, you can choose the online game mode where there are many best racing players today. The game CarX Street can also give you the option of exercising on the street to explore this beautiful and poetic city. This game really has a lot of modes to have fun with right now. So what are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your device.

Quality 3D images.

CarX Street has received a lot of praise for its graphics. The game gets even better with the car details and lighting effects as you race through the city in great clarity. It is also true that praise goes to the producer for ingeniously bringing a beautiful world into the game. Where there are white sand beaches, sunset beaches, crowded people in the city and even in the countryside. The game also allows to explore the world through races and training. This gives us thanks and respect for the team that created this game.


Simple and easy controls

The control of this game is really easy. It just adds to the fun and makes it interesting and engaging by being uncomplicated. There are many control modes for you to choose from to suit your playing style, such as acceleration and braking actions that are most easily accomplished by button notifications.


Many cars to choose from

In CarX Street, there will never be a shortage of cars for you to choose from, there are more than 50 types of cars from many different brands, all kinds of cars, super cars... Giving you the freedom to choose the car you want . With car selection, you will have to carefully consider your choice based on the type of track and terrain to suit certain tracks and environments of the car. Not only that, you can also customize the appearance of your car with hundreds of parts and designs according to your preferences.


Exciting racing experiences

You can step on the gas and accelerate to the limit as you cross the town with restored and upgraded vintage cars. You have to compete with racers around the world in point-by-point races for the highest victory. Thanks to the extra features that have been added to the game, there is no end to the fun and thrills. And yet you can collect or buy custom more than 50 vehicles from famous manufacturers in the world.


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