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Are you an enthusiast of speed and thrills. Are you looking for driving thrills and excitement?Traffic Rider is a game where players will be able to control a motorcycle and overtake other vehicles on many different challenging roads. In the game there are many challenges that you will have to overcome. Especially with vehicles and environmental factors on the road. When participating in the game you can freely choose different vehicles to drive and everything to have upgrade cards to help you overcome difficult goals more easily.

Introducing Traffic Rider Apk

Traffic Rider with authentic racing mode to each throttle turn of the publisher Soner Kara. You will sit on a motorbike with a protective suit like a backpacker but bring in the class of a street racer. There are many options for players every time they start their powerful car, Traffic Rider always has challenging roads. A simple compact car, or a large displacement vehicle will be what you are interested in. Whichever car you like, the game has it all, with a 360-degree view that is sure to captivate you by the flawless beauty of any vehicle here. Sit firmly in the saddle then make a lot of noise the whole way you are going.

Actually calling Traffic Rider a "racing" game is somewhat inaccurate because all the gamer's task is to wriggle through the traffic lanes on the highway without a competitor. But do not rush to underestimate Traffic Rider because that alone creates an unexpected challenge for players, providing an extremely unique experience on mobile.

Traffic Rider sports racing style developed by Soner Kara brings players to the dramatic track by controlling a luxury large displacement motorcycle. Inspired by endless street racing, the developer has created a masterpiece that has attracted hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. Currently for players to easily access and be downloaded, the game has been developed based on two platforms IOS and Android to help players easily experience this fascinating game. Besides, when downloading the unlimited version of money, you will unlock a lot of other motorcycles and upgrade them to become stronger and ads will not appear to interrupt your game play.

Highlights of Traffic Rider Apk

4 racing modes, 2 options.

Traffic Rider has 4 modes for you, Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Each of these modes also has 2 driving options on one-way or two-way roads. That has made this game more diverse in terms of game modes. And yet, Highway. Desert, City, and Winter are the road types you can choose from. In addition, the context of the race is also an important point. Do you like Noon, Evening, or Night, each scene is invested by Traffic Rider with a well-rounded image. Not only is Traffic Rider unlimited money, when using the version you can also unlock the whole level from the beginning.

Super surreal car

In addition to how to simulate a realistic environment, one of the most important things for a racing game, an important factor that is indispensable is a powerful car fleet. Traffic Rider must admit to doing this very well. The game offers more than 20 genuine models of many famous brands such as Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki. You will have the opportunity to meet the two-wheeled supercars that are storming the market and can't help but marvel when you see them in the game, extremely realistic. In addition to shaping, the sound that each car emits also clearly shows its own timbre.

Play games online

If you think you are a #1 bike racer then you can play traffic driver apk game in online mode where other players compete with you. Show your bike racing skills to online players and win the game easily.

Good sound quality

In traffic driver apk game you will get realistic bike sounds, like you are driving a real bike on different roads. Good sound quality makes the game more attractive to users.

Graphic effects

The graphics of the Traffic Rider game are designed in sharp 3D, built on an advanced platform that will bring the most realistic feeling to the participants. The developer has been very successful in designing the cars in a realistic and vivid way to every detail, making players feel like they are hooked on this game. The day and night environment effects along with the rainy weather are also meticulously elaborated to give you the best overview of the motorcycle racing game. Combined with a quality sound system with exciting car engine sounds or squeaks, it brings moments of enjoyment to players.


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