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Besides watching movies and games, books and stories are also a part of everyone's spiritual life. In my spare time, there is nothing better than reading a novel and comic that I love. Wattpad gives you the convenience of being able to carry a huge collection of miniature storybooks in your phone. You can find any of your favorites on Wattpad. From detective stories, novels, modern science or ancient literature to personal content. They are all neatly organized into categories, helping you to filter and search quickly. What's more, you can also share, comment, write articles and interact with people just like a social networking site. You can also gather fans with the same interest in novels as you and discuss with them. Download now Wattpad to experience these interesting novels.

About wattpad Apk

Wattpad is a social networking application for sharing stories, reading online stories of Korean technology corporation, Naver Corp. The Wattpad application was launched in 2006 in Canada and after only a few months has become the most popular story sharing platform and online reading app. Up to now, Wattpad has more than 90 million monthly users and is present in more than 50 countries worldwide, is the reading app with the largest number of visitors in the world.
More than just a place to publish stories and read novels, Wattpad also helps amateur writers around the world turn their hobby into a profitable business by helping them publish books or get their work translated. into a feature film.

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The Wattpad application gives you a library of stories ranging from romance, science fiction, horror, comedy… To teen genres, poetry, classics, or even is fanfiction. It is also a place that the LGBT community likes because they are free to compose and read works written specifically for their community without fear of anything.

Highlights of Wattpad Apk

Enjoy, share your favorite content

Wattpad is a platform for people to share their content. So you can completely post your own content as well as read stories written by others. Don't worry about someone leaving a negative comment on your post. These will help you correct your mistakes and become better.

wattpad app detailwattpad app detail

Wattpad is a place where people share content, both published and unpublished. You can also find famous stories that have been turned into movies such as The Kissing Booth, Light as a Feather, or After series. What could be more fun than discovering famous works on your Android device?

Convergence of famous authors

The latest version of Wattpad is considered the home of many authors around the world as it allows users to share the stories they have always wanted to tell. The program will guarantee copyright, allowing users to freely express their writing ability to the rest of the world. It will also have a mechanism that allows users to easily convey stories using the built-in editor or text input.

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Synchronize data

You can use a single Wattpad user account to log in on multiple machines. However, you need to turn on sync mode to keep the information and activity history so that you can easily find the stories or books you have read.
This function is quite convenient, many people use it every day, and they will not stop experiencing unfinished stories on the browser, on mobile or tablet wherever they are.

wattpad app detail

Share your story and become an author

Famous works and enjoy interesting love stories, users can also become authors when using Wattpad Online. The simple interface will be divided into two main spaces, a place for you to read and a place for editing. A large blank box for entering text is provided if you are going to start composing.
Users share any story in their life, practice their writing skills and improve their writing skills. Wattpad will help you get this work out to the widest audience in our community of readers.


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