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Feb 18, 2023

Download MangoTV APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest apps of today fully unlocked. Download now!


If you are a lover of Chinese movies, you cannot ignore the MangoTV application. MangoTV it is an application to watch Chinese movies and videos online that is loved and used by many users. Owning a huge video store with many great features, you can freely search and watch your favorite movies. Not only that it is always updated daily with the latest movies. You can download MangoTV to experience interesting moments of watching movies with your friends and relatives.

About Mago TV Apk

MangoTV is the international version of the application to watch Chinese videos and movies online for international users. Possessing a huge video store with great features, Tech Loky brings you programs produced exclusively by Hunan Television. This is also a treasure trove of entertainment videos, TV series, reality shows, copyrighted movies, Full HD quality and other top-rated.

If you love Chinese TV shows and can't find them on other channels like Netflix or YouTube, try searching on Mango TV. Is an entertainment application that Chinese moviegoers cannot ignore.

MangoTV app detail

Highlights of Mago TV Apk

Movie warehouse with all genres

Mango TV offers a full range of movies such as dramas, series, short films, documentaries, romantic movies,... With a variety of genres and features, or you can also search for movies you love. Your favorite in the search section is extremely convenient.

MangoTV app detail


Minimalist, full-featured interface: simplify the interface and upgrade core features. High quality HD video: Panoramic audio playback, HDR effects, home screen preview, audiovisual experience upgrade. Access unique content with one touch, optimize the search function, improve the keyword search feature, quickly find the content you want to watch. Auto preview, smart intro: smart AI intro feature, auto-play preview, no need to worry about no movie watching. Watch anytime, anywhere, download for free, watch offline, save to "watch list", plow movies easily. Smallest size, best features, compact installation file, fast startup, smooth download, extremely high response.

MangoTV app detail

Subtitle support

MangoTV Apk allows you to choose the language to play subtitles in the right language of your choice. This makes it easy to follow and make sense of the TV shows, movies or game shows you want to watch.

Watch movies in HD quality

All movies and programs on MangoTV Apk application are played in sharp mode with HD quality, giving users an extremely wonderful and comfortable experience.

MangoTV app detail

Stream movies, shows

If you are a fan of watching livestreams and live broadcasts, MangoTV Apk will meet all your wishes. Just click on the Live section, and you can search and choose what programs are being broadcast to watch.


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