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Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps globally. With Duolingo you no longer need to go to language centers or boring classes, we will help you learn while playing effectively. Instead of forcing users to memorize a lot of complicated vocabulary or grammar, Duolingo will give you challenging games that converge all the four skills needed to learn a foreign language well, thereby helping you to be more interested in learning. If you are looking to learn any language, download Duolingo right away to experience it.

About Of Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps today. This application allows users to learn English and 34 other languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. With a variety of learning methods, your learning process is never boring. The application still has 4 standard skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In my opinion, this is a pretty good application to help you improve your language.

Duolingo language learning app is the most popular way to learn languages in the world. The company's mission is to build the best education in the world and make it accessible to everyone.

Duolingo app detail

Duolingo offers a fun learning experience and studies have proven its effectiveness! With quick, compact lessons, you'll both practice useful communication skills while earning points and unlocking each new level.

The language learning app platform, Duolingo also created the Duolingo English Test, a convenient and affordable language proficiency test that is accepted by thousands of organizations around the world.

Highlights of Duolingo

Lessons on the Duolingo app

Lessons in the Duolingo app are divided into units with their own topics, and in each unit there will be many lessons and each lesson will have 5 levels with increasing difficulty. Only when learners have completed the lessons in the old unit will the application continue to introduce new units.
New vocabulary will be taught through pictures and grammar points will be explained at the beginning of the lesson. However, learners can still review vocabulary and grammar through the 'tips' section in each lesson. Duolingo also offers lessons in the form of listening-speaking exercises, flashcards, sentence arrangements, and multiple-choice questions so that learners can learn words, phrases, and make sentences. Especially in the form of sentence arrangement exercises, learners will be given a sentence from the source language and asked to arrange it into a grammatically correct sentence in the target language, this can also be reversed in some exercises. .

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Suitable for everyone

Duolingo is an English learning platform that is perfect for everyone because its lessons are personalized. Duolingo continuously asks learners if the pace and level of the lesson is appropriate to personalize learning based on the learner's pace. With Duolingo, learners on this platform, even those who are just starting to learn English, do not need to worry about the speed and level of the lesson.

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Memorize vocabulary

Duolingo lessons use the Spaced Repetition technique. This is a technique that uses the repetition of knowledge to be learned over long periods of time and this technique is intended to take advantage of the characteristics of human psychology and memory. Duolingo lessons are always aimed at memorizing learners' vocabulary, so Duolingo always repeats that vocabulary. With the application of this technique, learning English, especially in learning and memorizing vocabulary, will be extremely effective.

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Set goals and remind you

We ourselves certainly all have a "lazy" moment, take a break, then continue to work and forget. This is also one of the factors that hinder your learning process. But when you come to Duolingo, your level and ability to concentrate will improve.

When you access the application, you must choose a goal according to your learning needs. In one day you have to complete the lesson to achieve the set target. If you do well, of course you will be rewarded. The gift is a diamond that helps you buy in-app supplies that make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.


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