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Apr 21, 2023

Download Toca Life World APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


The game belongs to the famous Toca Life series, published by Toca Boca. The development goal of the game is to create a healthy, creative and fun playground for children. The game stimulates the imagination and helps children learn more about the colorful world.

Introducing Jen Toca Boca Apk

Toca Boca is a game for players with children from 6 to 12 years old, with conditions for comprehensive development. The kids will not be limited to the activities they want to do in this game. A world exclusively for players is opened, where you are free to do whatever you like to explore. No need to go to the park or amusement park, but players still find things to make them happy and develop their knowledge even more.

In this game, the player has complete control over his life. Unhappy and shy children have found happiness when stepping into a new world in Toca Life World. Now players can take their dog to people, walk to school on the spacious and airy sidewalk without fear of danger. Doing whatever you like without fear of anyone blocking or taboo is nothing more comfortable.

Highlights of Toca Boca Apk

Unique gameplay

There are many games for kids but not all games have a mode like Toka Boca. In this game you can create unique stories that take place around the world. Even if you bring your pet to school, this game won't work. No one can stop you from creating the best world you've ever dreamed of. There are so many interesting places to see here that will make your heart melt. In Toka Boka mode, you can create your own story and explore a vast world.

Big world

Toca Life World currently has more than 8 different entertainment locations such as: Shopping Center, Food Court, Hair Salon, Apartment, etc. At the beginning of the game, you will visit the busiest area that is Bop City. More than 39 types of characters are waiting for you to unlock.

If still not satisfied, you can go to a store. There, you can meet more than 300 characters and 125 kinds of pets. In particular, the multi-store that you visit covers more than 50 locations.

Add friends and visit their world.

The game also allows the player to make friends with people around the world, thereby allowing people to visit many different worlds. Thanks to the freedom to build the world, each player's trip can be a surprise and a new awakening in the construction of a story. Everyone can enjoy the games together and complete some special challenges to strengthen their friendship


Toca Boca owns a beautiful and impressive interface design. All image details are designed on a unique 2D graphics background. The interface includes a large background and many apartments and shops. Everything is meticulously combined together, creating striking and bright tones. Besides, the image of the character is also built very diversely with more than 300 different faces. Their looks and expressions are both adorable.


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Toca Life World


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