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My Singing Monsters is a monster themed music simulation game set on an island, with trees and everything everywhere. Your goal in the game is to collect single-element monsters and breed those two monsters together to get new monsters. You have to put that monster into the nursery to incubate the eggs and wait a while to get the monsters.

My Singing Monsters game detail

You need to repeat this process to get three element and four element monsters. After collecting all the elemental monsters, you have to unlock the bakery to bake some food for the monsters to eat. Once you've collected all the monsters, you can place them on an island and appreciate listening to them as they sing to you as each monster has a different way of singing.

About My Singer Monsters

My Singer Monsters is a game where the player must create a habitat for a group of monsters. But the passion of these monsters is not scaring humans or eating children, but singing. The gameplay is exactly the same as most social management games: you have to create different structures in the town to get different resources like food and gold. When stocking up on resources, you can acquire new monsters, and your goal is to collect as many as possible.

My Singing Monsters game detail

Highlights of My Singer Monsters

Simulate a variety of music

They mainly involve a concept where you need to follow the rhythm of the music to complete the levels. But My Singing Monster is a different game in that it features monster collecting! You can collect all kinds of monsters that emit unique sounds today. The more monsters you collect, the better sounds you can get, and you can fill your island with over 150 today!

My Singing Monsters game detail

Crafting a variety of items

Create impressive structures with the new crafting system, gather resources, and learn to control the new system. Decorate your home with whimsical designs using recipes for any Monster that might ask for your help.

My Singing Monsters game detail

Graphics and sound

The graphics of My Singer Monsters are very creative, attractive and colorful. The game's cute graphics inspire players to keep playing. Each character is designed in cartoon style with innovative features.

My Singing Monsters game detail

World to explore

When participating in the game, you will be provided with dynamic maps to explore with each map will have different monsters or equipment. You can visit other players' islands who also participate in marine events featured on this map

My Singing Monsters game detail

The game has many different maps that give players the most unique experiences, allowing players to constantly discover new animals and island designs. It also adds to the fun of the game as you navigate through the environments and try out different games.

Grow and decorate

The game has an area named market, you can get monsters, their eggs, many other resources that you can use. You can add structures like buildings, wishing torches, time machines, unity trees, or storage to speed up your monster's growth.


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