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Bloons TD Battles


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Dec 20, 2022

Download Bloons TD Battles APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Bloons TD Battles is a standard tower defense game. In Bloons TD Battles, the player's task is to prevent the ball from completing its route. If you are curious whether this game is difficult or easy. Right now, download Bloons TD Battles  APK for free at Techloky to experience this strategy game.

About Bloons TD Battles Apk

The latest Bloons game from New Zealand developer Ninja Kiwi. The game has been upgraded to 3D graphics with special effects. Bloons world welcomes you to the best Tower Defense game.
At the beginning of the game you will choose for yourself one of the quirky ball smashers, which are monkeys, cleverly position them on the map, then watch as they fight the incoming balls with How to shoot boomerangs, cannons and darts. Try to position the monkeys to pop the bubbles before they attack the castle, so you can level up quickly. You need more money to upgrade weapons to help break more balls. Each monkey tower has three upgradeable components, and the last one can only be unlocked once you've used up the monkey tower's abilities and earned enough exp.

Bloons TD Battles game detail

Highlights of Bloons TD Battles  Apk

Image combining 2D with 3D

Bloons TD has a 3D mixed with 2D graphic design with some details. This creates interesting and attractive in the eyes of players. An overview minus top to bottom helps you cover the entire map and use the right tactics. The sound is not much, but flexibly follows each animation to prevent the balloons from moving into the wall. Therefore, the game makes a good impression and is suitable for playing on many different phones.Solid defense

Bloons TD Battles game detail

If the defensive tower has an attack effect every time the balloons appear, the monkeys create a more vivid image. Just playing the role of a host, but the ability to fight flexibly makes this place more alive. If Bloons only had tower defense this would make the game boring. Arrange the monkeys as well as defense towers in important positions to prevent the balloons from having the opportunity to penetrate deep into the area. Players should also have backup plans to minimize hazards.

Hero Unlock

Throughout the different matches, you will unlock new things to increase your level. Monkey units will be unlocked as you level up and you will know the characteristics of the newly unlocked units. The strategy for buying combat units lies in two important things: the gold you get by throwing the ball and the XP l by each unit. You can use gold to buy monkey units and XP to upgrade them.

Bloons TD Battles game detail

As for Heros, you must reach the required level in the Heros section of the game. There are 12 powerful heroes, each with 2 distinct abilities. With different heroes, you can create many new synergies. Below are the heroes in the bloons and their respective activated abilities.

Countless challenges

Different challenges are made up of colorful balloons. The first balls will always be the biggest and most difficult threat to overcome. Players need to upgrade their weapons to be able to destroy these balls. Your defenses can be completely destroyed by these simple but dangerous balloons. Players from the beginning need to deploy tight and strong defensive tactics if they do not want to fall to the end.


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