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Download Telegram APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest apps of today fully unlocked. Download now!

MOD Features
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Telegram is the most secure file sharing, video calling and messaging application available today, comparable to WhatsApp by using the MTProto protocol. The application helps users to wipe all traces right after the conversation ends. It also synchronizes all data on multiple devices to help your Telegram Messenger not be interrupted and not miss any messages. In particular, when you use Telegram, with a large capacity you can create a chat group with the number of members up to 200,000. Along with that is a collection of super funny, funny stickers only available at Telegram that will make your chats much more interesting. If you are still concerned about the security of today's messaging applications, do not hesitate to download the Telegram application right away. Its extreme security combined with its wide range of features will certainly not let you down.

About Telegarm

Telegram is a free, cross-platform and free file-sharing, video calling, and messaging application. Telegram has many servers around the world to ensure stable, fast operation with data center located in Dubai. Telegram is available on the most popular operating systems today such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Telegram calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted, providing absolute security for users. With open source code, many programmers participate in the construction of Telegram, thereby creating new and useful features.
Users can send text and voice messages, live stickers, make voice and video calls, and share an unlimited number of images, documents, user locations, contacts, and sounds. Absolutely FREE music.

Highlights of Telegarm

Secure messaging

Telegram is considered one of the most secure messaging applications available today, comparable to WhatsApp by using the MTProto protocol. The tool also supports a premium option Secret Chat, with the ability to encrypt make conversation. Accordingly, only the sender and the receiver will know the content of the conversation, no 3rd party.

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The application also helps users to erase all traces right after the conversation ends. Or you can also set a timer to automatically delete messages for chats.

Synchronize all data

Not only works on the phone, you can log in to your computer, ipad to make contact, check the content of previous messages,... This helps your activities on Telegram Messenger not to be interrupted. interrupt, you will not miss any messages.
Synchronization allows you to log in on multiple devices at the same time on the Telegram app.

Telegram app detail

Create group

Telegram is a powerful messaging application on a large scale, allowing to create chat groups with a number of members up to 200,000. Along with that is the ability to share videos, photos, ... large capacity up to 1GB. Chats and exchanges become faster and more convenient than ever.

Telegram app detail

Built-in many stickers

Not only texting, calling, your conversation becomes more interesting with a collection of funny and funny stickers only available on Telegram Messenger.

Support for making calls via Wi-Fi

Telegram Messenger is designed so that data transmission is as economical as possible. Thanks to that, you can send messages, make calls even in weak Internet connection conditions, saving 3G/4G costs.

Telegram app detail

Photos, videos and files sent will be stored in the cloud

Your data will be synced and stored to your Telegram Messenger cloud account. Thanks to that, you can access previously sent file, video, ... content, manage your access history on many different devices.


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