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Viva Project APK is this AI simulation anime game that has many AI behaviors, animations, and scenarios. Viva Project APK game is built in 3D, in the game you can interact and reflect on the actions of the amnie AI character. The characters in the game are created in the loli style of the anime. Not only that, the way you use the loli character also affects her mood and yours. These are some highlights of the game Viva Project APK. Let's learn more about the anime simulation game Ai in the article below.

Introducing Viva project Apk

Viva Project is a free and interactive artificial intelligence simulation game developed by Viva Dev for desktop computers and virtual reality devices. This single-player 3D game offers you an enhanced AI simulation experience, where you can freely interact and respond to a variety of actions performed by your chosen AI anime character. Responses can be expressed dynamically through inverse kinematics or complex behaviors.

Cute and friendly RPG with adorable anime-style heroines. Here you have to complete simple tasks and go on dates with different girls. Basically, you have to play games, swim in hot springs, deal with daily tasks, and complete quests. 

Outstanding features of Viva Project Apk

Style play

With unique gameplay, Viva Project is a famous RPG game with Viva Project, you just need to go through the beginner's tutorial to start enjoying the classic rpg experience right away. Furthermore allows you to communicate and share with all rpg game lovers around the world.

Great graphics

The game is set in Mexico, which is a bit strange for anime characters, but it works great as you have a beautiful colonial style house and a beautiful outbuilding for your characteristics live. The graphics are great and everything from the elements to the environments look amazing. The animation is also very attractive.

Great for anime and simulation lovers

Whether you love anime games or simulation games, this is a must. The range of things you can do is varied, your character's complex behavior is amazing, and the game is perfect for Android systems.

Customize your character

The beautiful anime girls in Viva Project, in addition to being designed from the beginning, each have a different style and personality. But when you unlock a new character, you can also freely customize some external details of a girl such as hair, skin, swimsuit style, eyes... Choose features that suit your taste. your best beauty and turn every girl in this hot spring bath into your own "beautiful concubines".


Viva Project APK is a game that is very suitable for people looking for an entertaining story. The game can interact with Ai anime characters with unique styles. Not only that, the use of inverse kinematics, complex actions, and character diversity combine to create a compelling experience. But is the above enough to convince you to download the game and experience it? What are you waiting for? Quickly press the download button to download the game and experience the exciting game.


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