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Zombie Harvest


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Feb 22, 2024

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Zombie Harvest apk continues the success of its predecessor, applying the plot in a more creative way. Here, the monstrous undead are much healthier than before. They have special moves such as flying, jumping long distances, using powerful weapons and most especially, some have extremely scary super powers. Zombie Harvest's garden is in an extremely dangerous and alarming situation.

zombie harvest apk

Introducing Zombie Harvest

Zombie Harvest a game in which you have to shoot from the top of vegetables. Zombie decides to steal all the plant seeds and you have to return them. Shoot all zombies that appear in your hand and don't let them reach you. You will find a large number of challenging levels and a wide variety of zombies. A fun game with colorful graphics and exciting gameplay.

zombie harvest apk game

Outstanding features of Zombie Harvest

Unique gameplay levels

In this interesting game, the battlefield will not be simply squares in the garden like the previous game. The game screen will have different stairs, some long and some short, causing new difficulties for our justice warriors. Each level will have completely different stairs.

zombie harvest apk android

funny sounds

Zombie Harvest uses extremely interesting background music and sounds. Undead zombies will have special sounds. Each monster will have unique sounds. They can also talk and make curses at our vegetable warriors. Weapons used in the game will also have unique sounds.

zombie harvest apk download

Special gameplay

Zombie Harvest download has different gameplay than the previous game. When you first enter the game, you will be guided in a very easy to understand way. You will have your first two basic warriors. Your job is to order which warrior to shoot first. After each discharge, vegetables need to be reloaded for a short period of time. You need to immediately order the remaining warrior to fight.

download zombie harvest apk

Types of zombies

Zombie Harvest also brings a diverse army of zombies with more than 60 different types of zombies. These types of zombies have different strengths and special abilities, so players need to have appropriate strategies to deal with them.


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