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May 18, 2023

Download Touch Himawari APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Touch Himawari is a game app with multiple levels for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is offering some amazing levels and stages that you have to play. It belongs to the category of Arcade games designed only for Android mobile phones and tablets.

Touch Himawari game detail

The game has various applications where the player must manage to get through the story. Messaging apps are essential because they allow players to advance in their social relationships and in the game itself. This game has an adult theme, you know, with an anime and manga style setting, including explicit scenes from the game and chat dialogues. It is important to know Japanese to fully participate in the conversations and progress in the game.

Introducing Touch Himawari Apk

Touch Himawari is released by an anonymous person and is not an official development company. That means you won't find this game on the official app marketplaces. The version for our readers is a designed specifically for Android devices.

Touch Himawari game detail

Touch Himawari is a simulation game that combines elements of role-playing and conversational adventure. Himawari Touch is only available for Android, one of its advantages is having an interface that makes it easy for you to chat with each other.

Highlights of Touch Himawari Apk

Unique plot

The game features are one of the reasons why this game is as popular as it is today. Although the plot is very simple, you can play this game very comfortably and it will not lose your mind much. Playing this game will make you imagine the female character you are playing. Of course, this game will be very interesting and fun to play.

Touch Himawari game detail

The plot of this game is classified as an adult story between a man and a woman where both have an interest in each other. With a plot like this, you certainly won't get bored easily when playing this game.

Ice flirting

The object of the game is to solve a series of puzzles that give you a chance to seduce a charming Japanese girl named Himawari. But he won't want to be with you until you pass all the levels!

Touch Himawari game detail

Unlimited money

If you are an edik gamer, you must have understood that money is the most important thing when playing games. You can get this amount usually by winning the first match and if you win you will be replaced with money of another nominal amount.

Free of charge

The last great feature offered in this game is free as you can get this game on Ingirnet viral sites one of which is like the one you are reading right now though  Although you can't access this game via the Google Play Store, you won't be charged if you download it manually.

Pixel graphics

The creator wanted to provide a whole new experience to the simulation game genre. The game also features traditional pixel-style graphics. All graphics in the game are made with a very simple design. The characters themselves are like cartoons.


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