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Are you looking for an entertaining strategy game? Then you've come to the right place! Today Techloky brings you an entertaining strategy game combined with a bit of adventure, the game Tentacle Beach Party APK. Tentacle Beach Party is a game where you have to use a gentle strategy and combine it with extremely attractive visual game principles. Joining the game at each level you will have to follow the rules to keep pink items at a stable fuel level. That's just a highlight of the game Tentacle Beach Party APk Tehcloky. Don't rush to leave, let's explore many interesting things about the game together in the article below.

About Tentacle Beach Party APK

Tentacle Beach Party is an entertaining strategy game where you will have to use a skillful skill to pass the game's levels. When participating in the game, the player will take on the role of a son named Kaireus, the son of King Tentacle God Ythogtha on a distant planet, assigned by his father on a mission to collect pure liquids. Your mission will be to assist Kaireus in completing his mission of staying away from temptations and making sure that no one finds out you caught the girls. Your goal should be to complete 15 bottles full of pure liquid. Each level will produce NPCs and you will also need to reach a certain number before you have to advance to the next level. Note: if you capture a bunch of other NPCs during that time, you follow your progress.

Tentacle Beach Party APk


For the column at the beginning, the publisher did almost the world-famous animated story that Dragon Ball started on a distant planet ruled by the Tentacle God Ythogtha with a son named Kaireus. . After Kaireus was born, he was sent to earth and given the task of filling the vessels with pure liquid. When participating in the game, players will enter a setting with an extremely romantic beach filled with very cute girls. Your mission is to assist Kaireus in kidnapping each girl while avoiding detection. Each level has specific requirements that you must follow to keep your fuel levels from dropping. However, if you catch another type of girl during that time, you will lose some of your progress. Make sure no one witnesses you catching the target girl, otherwise the other girls will be surprised and you will lose people in your beach resort.

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Outstanding features Tentacle Beach Party APK


Tentacle Pool Party has graphics that don't stand out from traditional publishers. The images and colors are basically designed to be suitable for an entertaining game. Not only that, the characters in the game are designed very simply and not too attractive. Therefore, players will not have a bright colorful 3D image that attracts viewers, instead players will experience traditional graphics with many colors and pixels. However, the publisher includes many small details to create a more realistic environment.

tentacle beach party full apk


In the game Tentacle Beach Party APk, the control system is quite simple. You can control the character with basic movement buttons such as moving forward, jogging and crouching. The game is quite open, allowing you to access all parts to your liking. Not only that, you can interact with the characters in the game, participate in fun activities in the game and do many interesting things with the way you control.

Tentacle Beach Party APk Latest version


 In my opinion, the game Tentacle Beach Party is worth experiencing, suitable for people looking for a game for tactical entertainment. Players participating in the game must show their skillful hands to complete the system's tasks. With a great and engaging storyline, pixelated graphics remind us of the games. That's my personal opinion, what about yours? Download the game now at Techloky to experience it and then discuss more about this fascinating game.


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