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Temple Run


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Temple Run is a game that runs endlessly and is quite smart when you will be an explorer of the ancient forest to help people feel in the game from fear, suspense, … because the game has a lot of challenges. When playing the game you will experience an endless journey, you will be able to explore the forest is quite large and the roads are damaged quite badly, travel is very small. This path also creates deep pits, which can take your life at any time. Publisher Imangi Studios has been very creative and purposeful when it comes to putting various obstacles and challenges on your run. It will help you when playing the game feel more authentic and adventurous, dare to face challenges and look thorns in front of you. Download Temple Run on TECHLOKY if you are adventurous and explore those exciting journeys, it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

About Temple run Apk

Some games have simple gameplay but attract a large number of players. Netizens have noticed it because of its simplicity. Endless running games attest to this claim. One of these games is Temple Run by Imangi Studios.

Temple Run game detail

Temple Run and experience the feeling of being close to death. The monsters chased right behind and the only way was to run. Run fast to escape the sharp claws behind to ensure the safety of what you have just worked so hard to get. Become a survivor without surrendering to your fate.

Highlights of Temple run Apk

  • Vivid graphics and sound

Temple Run impresses players with vivid graphics. Details such as the forest or the waterfall are meticulously designed. You seem to be immersed in a mysterious new world.
The sound system is also very realistic. The screams of monsters can startle you. The above factors all contribute to providing the best possible experience for players.

Temple Run game detail


  • Unlock new characters

There were also other humans who tried their hand at stealing this treasure. A track and field athlete? For him running is a passion. A Santa Claus also wants to try at this race. Many unique characters are included by the game maker. Helping you to comfortably unlock the people you love. But these characters also come with a hefty price tag. To own them you also have to work a lot.

Temple Run game detail

  • Character upgrade

As you progress along the temple to sneak away from the monkeys, the game series will distribute help items such as gold coins and magic charms for you to easily pass through obstacles. It gives the character the energy to sprint on quite long distances, invisible for a while to avoid all hazards or accelerate forward 2500m from the start of the game to get better scores.


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