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Stumble Guys APK v0.49.1 Download Latest Version For Android


Stumble Guys multiplayer royale APK


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Mar 29, 2023

Download Stumble Guys multiplayer royale APK APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!



Are you looking for an online action game that is fun and simple to play? Stumble Guys is one of the biggest live games in the world to play a multiplayer action game genre with great gameplay. This title is filled with colors and more creatures to join the battle royale game. When participating in the game the only mission is that the players who reach the finish line without being eliminated will win the race. Players will enjoy a variety of challenges with players around the world, from level to level. Download Stumble Guys game on TECHLOKY to join this fun action game.

About Stumble Guys Apk

Stumble Guys is an app offered on the Google Pla Store. More than 1 million people have installed this app. The app is rated 3+ for everyone and has a lot of fun to enjoy.
Stumble Guys is a knockout game, you need to survive and be the last one standing. The game features up to 32 different online players. These players will struggle to complete different levels according to the character of escalating chaos. The game continues until only one is left.

There are many obstacles along the way, such as swing saws, swing hammers and moving platforms. You should be quick and agile to avoid them. The controls are very simple, you just need to touch the screen to jump. The longer you touch, the higher you will jump.

Stumble Guys Apk Highlights

Always growing

As pointed out earlier, this game is designed to be quite difficult. You will fall many times, but you must never give up. Every time you fall, you will learn something new to help you in future matches. Just start the game again and try to do better next time.

Gradually increase the difficulty level

This game has many levels and each level offers more difficult missions than the previous game. The obstacles vary between different levels, so you will never get bored.

Exciting tournament

You can participate in tournaments and compete with other players from all over the world. These tournaments are held regularly and they provide a great way to earn rewards.

Play with everyone

Playing with your friends and family is always more fun. Fortunately, this game allows you to do just that. You can compete with them in tournaments or local multiplayer matches.

Play Fun Features

Dash, slide and run past your opponents. You have to beat them all, even if your friends join in.
There are different customization options in this game. You can use these options to customize your character. This will make your character look unique and also improve your gaming experience. Enjoy colorful design. The colors used in the design of the game blend in perfectly.


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