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May 21, 2023

Download Sky Roller APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Sky Roller APK is a game that requires you to have an observation skill and need your precise control to lead a skater character across many different terrains to complete the level. The controls of the game are very simple that anyone can access. In Sky Roller APK there are many challenges waiting for them ahead, and new mechanics will appear to support the character every day. more and more diverse characters waiting for them to unlock. At Game Sky Roller APK now to experience these interesting games.

About sky roller Apk

Sky Roller Apk is gradually taking an important part in the mobile game market. The game is quite minimalist in a 3D graphics with not too high quality. But that is more than enough for those who like pure entertainment. A race made for you alone to reach the finish line. A thing that is not too difficult but contains many difficulties if you have understood everything. Simply relax and move your finger precisely. Nothing is too demanding and complicated to make anyone angry and tired.

Sky Roller game detail

Sky Roller Apk is a game that requires observation skills and precise control of players when the same character skates across many different terrains to be able to complete the level. The controls are also very simple that anyone can access.

Highlights of sky roller Apk

Flexible response

Your flexibility is at its best in the Sky Roller during travel. With each level, new and unexpected obstacles appear. Many times you will have to calculate how you can get the most benefit. Avoid sacrificing things that aren't worth it for a bland victory. With all you have, help the character conquer the Sky Roller Apk safely.

Sky Roller game detail

Graphics in Sky Roller

The characters and as well as the racetracks are designed very well, but the scenery is not invested too much. At each level, the landscape will also be changed to avoid boredom for the players. You will also adventure through snowy mountains, green forests or cities with tall buildings.

Sky Roller game detail

Characters in Sky Roller

After passing any level, the player will receive the bonus amount corresponding to the achievement he has achieved previously. You can use this money to unlock new characters in Sky Roller. Think carefully before deciding to use the money earned to avoid waste.


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