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Shinobi Girl is a free action arcade game featuring cute and colorful ninjas fighting each other in exciting levels.
The main character is a female ninja named Kisaragi, who tries to rescue a group of captive women to turn them into toys for men. You can choose between different characters, each with their own set of special skills and weapons. Create your custom ninja warrior and control them as they battle in the world of Shinobi Girl.

Shinnobi girl game detail

By designing your own shinobi character, then join the fight against both friendly and hostile ninjas as well as other gamers. You will be able to push yourself to your limits thanks to the intuitive controls and the various levels available to you.

Introducing Shinobi Girl

Shinobi Girl is an addictive anime style game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. You play as a female ninja whose mission is to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles. The fast-paced action gameplay, unique gameplay mechanics, and challenging levels make the game a thrilling adventure for players of all ages.

Shinnobi girl game detail

Cute and colorful ninjas face off against each other in engaging levels in Shinobi Girl Game, an arcade action game You have access to a variety of playable characters, each of them  equipped with a unique arsenal of specialized tools and skills. You can design your own ninja warriors and then control them as they battle across the game's globe

Shinobi Girl Highlights


The story of Shinobi Girl is set in a world inspired by feudal Japan. You play as a famous Ninja Warrior who must use his unique skills and special powers to protect his village from the evil forces that threaten it.You will face enemies such as pointed eyes, shielded snake arms and other creatures. Your goal is to protect your village and defeat the evil forces.

Shinnobi girl game detail

Shinobi Girl's gameplay involves dodging, dodging, and attacking enemies. You can collect upgrades while playing to make the game more challenging.
You'll have to make the most of your ninja skills to survive levels and face stronger enemies as you progress. Be careful though, as a hit from an enemy can drain your health and when it runs out you have to start over.

Beautiful pictures

The anime-inspired graphics of this game are exceptional, fully immersing you in a beautiful fantasy world. Vibrant colors and lifelike details make it an absolute joy to play.

Shinnobi girl game detail

Strange background

This game isn't for the faint of heart - the eerie setting and terrifying enemies add to the overall tension, making it a thrilling adventure. Bring the dark, brooding atmosphere of classic shinobi anime to life, creating a hypnotic experience.

Shinnobi girl game detail

Movement in the game

You can jump, walk, run, kick and do other moves easily thanks to Shinobi Girl Mini's smooth animations.
It has a button-shaped control panel, making it easy to move your character and perform attacks. You can even customize its size and position based on your preferences.

Shinnobi girl game detail


The 2D graphics and animations make Shinobi Girl Mini APK an engaging and realistic game. The characters move continuously through each level, executing your commands accurately.


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