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Dec 29, 2022

Download School Dot Fight APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


If you like action games, you are looking for games in this genre, Tech Loky will introduce you to this new title. School Dot Fight is a new game that is attracting a lot of attention. This pixel art-based game has five stages with varying levels of difficulty, so everyone should be able to find something they like. Download it for free on your Android device. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting new game with Tech Loky!!

About School Dot Fight Apk

School dot fight for android is a famous action game. You have to stop the enemy from taking your territory and you do this by stealing their flag and returning it to your base. To get their flag, you must defeat them in battle. This game is very similar to catching chess, except that instead of taking the flag, you have to steal the enemy's schoolbag. The game itself is quite simple and requires only basic keyboard and mouse skills. To move around, use the arrow keys and press A or D to jump. Scroll right by pressing W or S on your keyboard. If you are standing still, use Q or E to hide behind objects and avoid enemies.

School Dot Fight game detail

Press R to run faster than normal speed and C to sprint when attacking enemies with weapons like swords or spears You can pick up weapons by moving over them with the mouse pointer then pressing the left button on keyboard. These weapons include swords, spears, shields, and axes. You also have an arsenal of other items that you can use to help you win over your enemies, including grenades, smoke bombs, machine guns, rocket launchers, mortars, and mines. Each has its own advantage such as being able to hit.

Highlights of School Dot Fight Apk


School Dot Fight game detail

ICEY only uses 2D graphics with side-scrolling gameplay, but the game's visuals are carefully polished. Character movement is extremely smooth and smooth. Just that is enough for you to play this game for hours without getting bored.
The game has a lot of different locations for you to choose from. Current maps include Lost Woods, Crossroads, Metro Entrance, Metro Transfer, Clock Tower, Marionette Theater, Clock Tower Entrance, Sewer, Ultimopolis, and Room Of Fate.
Visuals, as well as movement, and game reliability are affected by your screen resolution. The publisher's advice, you should use a well-configured phone and turn off apps in the background for a smoother experience.

In-game sound graphics

School Dot Fight game detail

Our character is always at school. So the context will revolve around different classrooms such as: music room, gymnasium, classroom, experiment or hallway outside the classroom. Under the carefully drawn lines, the scenes are shown by 2D graphics. The game has bright, eye-catching colors. In addition, the sound that comes with the effects is also extremely attractive and attractive for players to enjoy the best feeling.

Create desired character

School Dot Fight game detail

Players can create their own characters in this virtual world. You can customize everything you like from hair to clothes to skin color. In addition, you can not only change the appearance but also choose the personality of your character. Whether you like being a manly guy or a dumpling girl, it's too simple. At the same time, players can also do all the things they want in this game to assert themselves.


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