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Dec 29, 2022

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Rise of Eros is a game version with an extremely attractive gameplay style. When participating in the game you will need to collect and build a squad of beautiful and charming girls. Currently, the game Rise of Eros is being loved and sought by many young players in Vietnam. In this article by Tech Loky, let's find out what's special about the new game, players.

About Rise Of Eros Apk

Rise of Eros is developed by Studio Pinkcore, is an 18+ game studio specializing in the production of adult game products for mobile devices. However, due to the reason that the game has 18+ content, it has been banned on the 2 biggest stores on the phone, CH Play and the App Store, you will not be able to download it in the usual way.

Rise of Eros game detail

Leaving aside the above, Rise of Eros is a single-player strategy game, in the process of playing the game you will try to conquer as many goddesses as possible so that they can join your team, there are also some the robot can support combat, but I think everyone here loves beauty.... In general, they will be your battle force to help you defeat the enemy and plow more talents. new resources to be able to progress to the next levels, but foretelling that its difficulty will become more and more intense later on. You will quickly become exhausted after only about a dozen levels because the enemy gets stronger very quickly. The costs to plow materials or increase power are quite expensive while if you want to have a beautiful lineup, you can only spin gacha.
Overall, the game plot is also quite attractive. With the game 18+ there will certainly be no shortage of scenes that make many gamers' hearts flutter, but it's still better for you to experience it yourself.

Highlights of rise of eros Apk

Rise of eros . graphics

Rise of Eros game detail

In the game, the graphics are used Unreal 4 technology, so it will be very beautiful. The effects of the characters will look much more realistic. That is easy to see through two extremely eye-catching scenes right from the moment you log into the game. Therefore, if you want to play Rise of Eros, you need to use a high-configuration machine. Weak devices will not be able to play.

New gameplay

The main gameplay of Rise of Eros is a strategy with more role-playing elements, players will go through game modes and battles to obtain resources, then use those same resources to upgrade and upgrade. Recruit more characters for the squad, increase your strength.

Rise of Eros game detail

The combat mechanism of the game is also very easy to get used to, each match will be divided into turns, players will decide what moves they will use to attack, defend or heal in their turn. each character. Rise of Eros divides characters by qualities as well as elements with the highest quality currently being ssr. Each character will have three skills, including the third skill that can be considered the ultimate when dealing a lot of damage.
Because it is a turn-based game, the character's skills will also have a turn-based cooldown, usually 3 turns with skills, and normal attacks will have no cooldown. Therefore, players need to carefully consider the use of the character's skills in the most reasonable and optimal way to deal as much damage as possible. Rise of Eros also allows players to use the auto system as well as double speed like other strategy games.

Character system

Rise of Eros game detail

In the game Rise of Eros, the characters are all beautiful and sexy girls. The characters will be divided into 3 different levels: R, SR, SSR. The characters all have beautiful costumes. Each time you level up, you will unlock new skills for your character. The equipment for the character will include armor, weapons. In addition, can bring more potions to restore health.


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