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Game Project Glutt APK will be proof that you see a girl who is small but has a big belly, devouring everything in her path. An action game that has been released for a long time but has never faded away. Let's learn more about this great game with TECHLOKY.

Introducing Project GLUTT

Project GLUTT introduces a clever mechanism to devour enemies with your consumption limit. This means you have to think through and be strategic with your life to make it happen. While there are certain lives that can be intimidating, it's also a challenge that keeps players coming back for more as they try to succeed in this cleverly designed game.

Project GLUTT game detail

Project Glutt is a unique action game with the main character being a tiny girl who will devour their enemies. The game is popular with millions of people and has outstanding features, with realistic graphics. There are millions of people who enjoy playing it.

Project GLUTT game detail

The latest action game, with exciting features. You can play the game for fun and it will never let you get bored in your free time.
Thanks to the app's basic touchscreen features, users can now explore precise motion options for their characters using an Android smartphone.

Highlights of Project GLUTT

Magical objects

Being bigger gives Glutt more advantages than just the mechanical stuff, he also learns new abilities like gliding. He constantly flies through the air and consumes anything in his path.

Project GLUTT game detail

Interesting story situations

As Glutt eats more enemies, he will increase in size until he reaches a specific limit. At this point, his only option is to try to devour another enemy the same size or larger.

Project GLUTT game detail

Magical character

Glutt gains new abilities as he grows up, such as dashing forward. As he walked his mystical path, he consumed everything he came across.

Project GLUTT game detail

Can reach many levels

The game features multiple levels that take the player from lush forests to dark dungeons and other stunning environments unseen in most mobile games. This game introduces some challenges along with complex traps to create more interesting gameplay opportunities.

Project GLUTT game detail

Beautiful and realistic graphics

Graphics in Game Project GLUTT are beautiful, sharp and realistic. Each blade of grass and leaf in the game is meticulously modeled after famous landmarks in the world.


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