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Dec 20, 2022

Download My Hotpot Story APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


If you have ever been to or heard about the extremely popular hot pot restaurant Haidilao, have you ever thought of opening such a hot pot restaurant? My Hotpot Story will help you do that, here you will become a hotpot restaurant owner and have to manage the business of the restaurant. If you think that you are the owner, you should just sit and collect money, you are wrong, you need to do everything from hiring employees, creating new recipes, ordering food to clearing the table or washing the dishes. everything you have to get your hands on. When it is known by many customers, you can expand your shop and decorate many different styles from modern, fairy, oriental or western style, My Hotpot Story has it all. When you are tired of the traditional way of serving hot pot, you can also open a buffet room where food is placed on a conveyor belt, customers can immediately choose what they like to eat. Everything sounds great, right, download My Hotpot Story now to experience it.

Why is Hotpot Story so hot? 

“My Hotpot Story” is an extremely hot pot restaurant management game and caused a very strong viral in the gaming community recently. The game is accessible to a large number of players due to the familiar restaurant simulation genre. Entering the game, you will play the owner of a hot pot restaurant and coordinate all activities in the restaurant.
And very quickly when playing the game, you will realize the truth: Opening a shop is easy, but developing it to get rich is not easy. How to make your shop the hottest? Let's explore with TechLoky the new tips for newcomers to Duong Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Shop!

My Hotpot Story game detail

1. Redeem the gift code Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Gift code is always the part that gamers look forward to because gifts are always loved. Redeeming gift codes is the simplest way to get more resources in the game. Follow the events regularly and make sure to take advantage of every gift code!

2. Control your costs

Whether in the game or real life, operating costs are always quite a headache. With Happy Sugar Hot Pot, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your economic ability to manage to spend. Upgrade your restaurant gradually and do not go into debt. It sounds easy, but many gamers have gone bankrupt.

My Hotpot Story game detail

3. Clean suggested tasks

Just like other games, you will be started with a small amount of money. To be able to develop a hot pot restaurant, you need a lot of time and effort. To shorten that, complete all the assigned tasks.
You will be suggested tasks that will help your business. Besides, when completing the tasks on the list, players will receive a small amount of cash. So, remember to complete the daily task and do it as soon as possible.

4. Hiring more staff

A restaurant without employees is a dead restaurant. Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop is no exception. Each employee will have a different task in your restaurant. Employees will be divided into 5 types:

  • Assistant
  • Waitress Cashier
  • Chef
  • Chef
  • Beautiful PG

If all your staff work hard, you will naturally have a rich source of income. Make sure your employees work hard and unite. The most important thing is that even when you are absent, the staff is still working enthusiastically. Especially, if your team makes customers happy and appreciates the good service, the reputation of the hot pot restaurant will also be enhanced.

My Hotpot Story game detail

5.'Decor' your restaurant

Not only in the game but real-life restaurants with beautiful also decore always attract customers. So, when you have money, you have to upgrade and decorate your restaurant as beautifully as possible. The furniture to be purchased can be mentioned as new furniture, bar, kitchen table...
You just need to click the Shop button, select the desired type of decoration and start doing it. Each type of decoration will have different uses:
Kitchen decoration: speed up cooking time, thereby increasing income and saving you time.
Out-shop decoration: attract customers, and create a good effect.
Lobby decoration: increase the number of tables inside the restaurant, speed up the dining time, allowing you to serve more guests.
Decorate VIP, theater, and buffet: unlock particular areas and generate different revenue streams.

My Hotpot Story game detail

6. Unlock and update new recipes

A hot pot restaurant no matter how beautiful it is has a poor menu that cannot develop. Therefore, you must diversify the menu and dishes to retain customers. Every dish has a 5-star rating. The more stars your dish has, the more profit you will get from your customers.


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