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Lost Life


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Nov 17, 2023

Download Lost Life APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Lost Life APK is a game that simulates the life of a little girl living in a negative environment. The player is tasked with doing everything to make her happy. Lost Life APK is produced and developed by Shikstoo Games, a legitimate game publisher. Although not as famous as other publishers, Shikstoo Games is still dedicated to its games. When participating in the game, players can experience a series of expressions along with fun mini games. This game will be extremely entertaining for you. The game promises to always bring players wonderful moments of entertainment. Here is some outstanding information about the game. Let's learn more about the game in the article below.

Introducing Lost Life

Lost Life APK is a 3D simulation game about the scary life of a female student. Initial. This game is very sweet and entertaining but later you will see horror and crime. This game has very good sound effects and graphics. Visual and sound effects deliver a truly terrifying experience. Here in our house there are many rooms such as kitchen and bedroom. There is a TV, a bed and a bathroom, etc. Things that we can use in the game Basically, this game is based on real human life.

lost life apk

In the game Lost Life, you will live with a cute little girl. The girl is beautiful but can be scary. We can do whatever we want in this game. So how we solve that problem is up to you. If we are satisfied with him, he will behave well. If you break his heart, he will hurt you.

Style play

The game Lost Life is built around a young girl with a negative life, creating a very unique gameplay. When participating in the game, the player's sole task is to make that girl happy and no longer feel lonely. The girl suffered from depression and could not continue to be touched by others. That is your most important task in the game.

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The participant of the game needs to communicate to try to calm down and she no longer feels lonely. If you don't choose that girl to stop being lonely, you should end the game. The game team has built a consulting game that allows players to do other things with her to make her happy and no longer lonely.

Outstanding features of Lost Life APK

Dark plot

There are strong horror elements in the plot. There are spirits haunting the main character cursed by the girl. The first thing you notice about her is that she is a girl who goes to school and lives with a man. All her needs were met by that man, including food, clothes, etc. With haunting graphics and realistic background sound effects, you will get a sense of horror as the game progresses.

lost life apk android

Sound honest sound

Background music and sound effects change depending on the game's scenario. Human voices and suburban environments are perfectly simulated by sound effects.

lost life apk latest version

More customization

This game comes with many customization settings. We can change the resolution of the game. Additionally, we can record, zoom and more in this game.

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 Lost Life APK is a perfect choice for everyone who is looking for an entertaining game. The game has a tight storyline about a lonely and scary girl with a number of chapters and a variety of options to give players different experiences. Not only that, the game also has sound effects and scary backgrounds that make the game more unique. In my personal opinion, the game Lost Life APK is worth playing. How about you quickly download the Lost Life APK game to experience it.


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