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Konoha Night is a game with puzzle and action elements. The game involves performing quests in interesting locations from restaurants to clubs and hotels. Plan your moves well in advance of the game so you don't get caught off guard by the twists and turns of the game.

About Konoha Nights

Konoha Nights is a video game that simulates the Naruto universe where gamers have to take on the role of a main character. A guy meets several anime girls in different places. The game has attractions like beautiful anime girls, new puzzles and animations. These meanings play an important role in building an engaging game. It features a virtual universe with stunning visuals and sound effects that bring gameplay to life.

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Highlights of Konoha Nights

Various characters

There are many popular female anime characters including Tenten, Hinata, Ino, Tsunafe, Konan, Kurenai, Temari, Mei, Anko, Kushina and Hanabi.

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Challenges make the game more interesting. There are many challenges included in the game. Players also get great rewards in the form of money and reputation. While challenges include working as a security guard, front desk.

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3D graphics and sound

The application allows to play games on 3D graphics that make everything a reality. The graphics make the game more fun and engaging to play for a long time.

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There is a perfect combination of sounds with each character the sound quality is very good which perfectly matches the characters.

User-friendly interface

The interface of the game is quite simple and user-friendly so you can easily access the game. Use it without any difficulty.



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