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Homescapes is a game designed to be very simple, but it combines puzzles like Candy cursh and decorations like The sims. When playing the game you play you will play the role of a housekeeper named Austin and he has lived in many places, but the only house that makes him satisfied he lives with his parents. Austin's childhood home has left him with many fond memories and has made him determined to return to remodel the house after so many years away. Download the game Homescapes now and rebuild Austin's house.

About Homescapes  Apk

Each of us has once had a home associated with childhood memories. It is a place where we can live and enjoy happiness with our family members. Lots of good memories were kept there. Playrix also exploited this familiar theme when building and launching the Homescapes game. A fairly simple game but equally attractive. Surely there are many people who have experienced this game.

Homescapes game detail

Homescapes  is a combination of puzzle gameplay and role-playing. If you go to Google play, you will definitely see the icon of the main character in the game appear at the top of the most popular search list. There is no doubt about the hotness of the game when it has the largest number of users today. In the framework of this article, I will introduce some features of the game to help you have an overview of Homescapes.

Highlights of Homescapes Apk

3D graphics, vivid sound

Homescapes game detail

Visuals and sounds are a highlight of this exciting puzzle game. With the 3D platform, everything in the game ensures sharpness and realism. A colorful world is waiting for you to explore. The characters are cute, always wearing a smile of joy and happiness. The house as well as the items are impressively designed. In addition, the sound and background music also contribute to the attraction of the game screen.

Puzzles and designs for your home

Does your house have so many items or not, whether it is beautiful or not is up to you to design and implement. In solving puzzles, you can learn more ways to destroy items around you. When you connect more and more surrounding objects together. Then the destructive power will be greater and especially will be able to enter the special prize. That is creating a giant explosion that helps you win faster and easier. When designing your house. You will be able to choose from bright and cute decorations and items. On the 3D graphics platform you will have the most realistic house and the most similar to your imagination. You can also learn from other players to expand your knowledge and solve more puzzles.

Homescapes game detail

Unlock new rooms

Homescapes has dozens of different rooms for players to explore. Each room will bring a new experience. Living room, library, art room, gym and many more interesting places. Special rooms require the player to pass certain level requirements.

Homescapes game detail

Not only stopping there, the game also takes players to explore the outside world. Bakery, lighthouse, farm… Places where you can set foot. Try to unlock as many new rooms as possible.


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