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About Hole House

HoleHouse is a game where you encounter an old brothel that has just been transferred to new ownership as they try to renovate and revitalize the industry. They are currently understaffed and looking for workers, you will have to prove yourself if you want to become a full member.

Hole House game detail

Hole House is one of those great adult games where you get a chance to be with girls and interact with them to see what they reveal to you. Convincing girls to work is not easy and if you think you possess that skill then we welcome you to the house of surprise where you can recruit many girls for yourself.

Hole House game detail

In the game your job is an elderly brothel manager. The brothel has been taken over by the new owner and he aims to rebuild everything from scratch so he can increase the profitability of the business. The brothel is currently operating with a low labor rate and it expects you to increase the number of employees when you join as an employer.

Highlights of Hole House


You can play the game in multiple languages. This is a great opportunity for people who don't understand English, now they can play and enjoy the game in their own language.

Hole House game detail


The game features many upgrades that the player can purchase to improve the brothel's facilities and attract more customers. Upgrades include new furniture, decorations, and services like a rooftop bar and VIP rooms.

Hole House game detail

Levels to explore

In Hole House there are various challenging levels that will become harder as you progress. As a result, players will always be challenged and engaged.

Hole House game detail

Many characters

There are many different characters in the game, each with their own unique abilities and powers. Adding this element to the game adds variety and replayability.

Hole House game detail

Attractive graphics

The game's graphics are excellent, with stunning visuals that add to the overall immersion of the game.


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