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Haunted House is a horror role-playing game that plunges players into a chilling, creepy experience. Set in a quaint, dilapidated mansion, the game challenges the player to navigate through a maze of spooky corridors, haunted rooms, and secret passageways. Armed with only a flashlight, the player must uncover dark secrets hidden within the house while evading supernatural entities and solving puzzles. With tense atmosphere, immersive gameplay, haunted house offers a thrilling adventure.

About Haunted House

Haunted House is a popular horror game where players team up as a team of ghost hunters to investigate supernatural activity in abandoned houses. Players take on the role of paranormal investigator, using a variety of devices, spirit boxes, and flashlights to identify and communicate with ghosts.

haunted house apk

The objective of the game is to identify the type of ghost haunting the place and gather evidence to support the identification. Each ghost has its own characteristics and behavior, so players must be strategic in their approach to avoid being caught by the ghost or becoming its next victim.

Highlights of Haunted House

Various selected locations

The game's levels are randomly generated so each time you play through the haunted house you will have a new and challenging experience in its own right. Players never know what to expect, which contributes to the overall sense of surprise that the game has.

haunted house apk download

Graphics and sound quality

The game offers detailed settings, some of which are said to be scary. These settings include abandoned houses, schools, and refugee camps, among others. Low light, shadows, and fog are used to create a sense of mystery.

haunted house game apk

The sound design of the haunted house is extremely good at creating a feeling of fear and anxiety in visitors. Dynamic sound system reacts to player actions to enhance suspense and anticipation.


The Haunted Mansion video game has a cooperative multiplayer mode support. This mode allows groups of friends to work together to investigate supposedly haunted locations. The use of speech recognition technology in gameplay gives an extra dimension to the immersive experience.


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