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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail


Surely when it comes to GTA, you are no longer strangers to the game, right? The cult game that was once associated with many childhoods of gamers has now launched a mobile version called GTA San Andreas apk. With the same gameplay as on PC and PlayStation, it is guaranteed to bring players the best entertainment moments.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is an action-adventure game released in 2004 developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. In the Grand Theft Auto series, it is the third installment with 3D graphics, the fifth to be released first on handheld systems, and the seventh in total. Originally released on PlayStation 2 in October 2004. The game was later released on Xbox and Microsoft Windows (PC) systems in June 2005, Xbox 360 in December 2008 as well as PS3 in December 2012. The game is set in an open world that the player can freely explore and interact with.


The game's plot revolves around only an African-American protagonist named Carl Johnson, who left the gangs in his hometown of Los Santos (Fantasy City based on Los Angeles) to remake his life in Liberty City. (Based on New York City). However, after hearing that his mother was killed in a bloody payment, Carl decided to return and track down the culprit. Already intending to give up the days of shooting and killing, Carl always has to struggle between the desire to get rich, a better life with revenge and honor. Gradually, Carl deeper into complicated relationships with notorious gangs as well as corrupt policemen. Will Carl be able to avenge his mother, find glory for the gang, and have the life he's always dreamed of? The answer is left for you to discover for yourself.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail

GTA: San Andreas is set in the state of San Andreas, including the three cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas (based on American cities). An interesting thing that I know, the plot of this game is based on real events, which have happened in the past such as the war between the Bloods and Crips gangs, the 1992 riots or the evils of ghosts. drugs in the US.


It mainly revolves around three activities: Shooting, driving and exploring. The fact that players need to combine them skillfully depending on each task from easy to difficult makes the game extremely interesting, not to mention the cinematic quality of the shooting chases.
The game always makes players have a feeling of excitement when tossing each car into the sky or when continuously firing bullets at the enemy - a factor that contributes to making San Andreas one of the most controversial games because of its nature. violence.
Players can shoot anyone in the head, burn anyone with a flamethrower, destroy a city, and chase the police or army with an RPG... As crazy as the game is, it causes chaos. uncomfortable for the parents. This is almost inevitable with GTA, as violence is inherent to it. People look to games to satisfy the hysteria in the mind that always exists in every person, but in the virtual world instead of "applying" in real life. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail

Of course, talking about GTA can't help but mention the overwhelmingly large world but still meticulously invested in the smallest detail of Rockstar. You have the right to do whatever you like. Racing, cycling, playing sports, practicing martial arts, robbing banks, flying airplanes, gambling... It's hard to list all the activities in the game.
The diverse side-quests that even allow you to become "honest" people such as police, fire, ambulance, taxi drivers... are also attractive treats when you are tired of doing tasks. main service. If you have free time, you can also leisurely roam around the countryside in an expensive car you just "stealed", listen to the radio, admire the beautiful scenery - a very elegant pleasure.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail

Compared to previous GTA versions, San Andreas adds a pretty good fly-by-head aiming mechanism, giving you a more realistic feeling when fighting instead of always in the same position. The mechanism of hiding behind obstacles even though it takes GTA IV to appear, but in San Andreas, it's still not too difficult for you to do the same thing with the seat key or somersault.

Variety of apk

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail

The game has a large modder community that is still active to this day. Graphics, vehicles, clothes, gameplay, mutilplayer mode, maps make the game always fresh. Installing and using them is quite simple, it only takes 10-15 minutes to learn. It can be said that San Andreas is a game that is capable of giving birth to other games.

Graphics & Sound

At the time of release in 2004 (PS2) and 2005 (PC), you couldn't ask for the high-end graphics customizations you currently have. Admittedly, San Andreas was one of the most beautiful sandbox games of its time, even today its graphics still rank as acceptable.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game detail

Every detail from houses, trees, and vehicles is carefully taken care of. You can see the faint smoke coming out of the exhaust, leaves, pieces of newspaper flying in the wind, windows glowing at night. The city map is very large, but every place you go to gives a feeling of the dedication and meticulous investment of the manufacturer.
In addition, in this section, the music has been significantly improved compared to its predecessor. Instead of just repeating a song over and over, the songs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are played randomly through the radio system, restaurants or through the radio system.

Final verdicts

If you are an open world game enthusiast and want to freely do what you like in the open world, you will not be able to ignore GTA San Andress. Its charm is so strange that it makes you turn on the game just to drive a few laps around the city. It's hard to describe how great the game has to be, so play the game for yourself to have your own experience.


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