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Frozen City is a building game with a distinct twist. You will be dropped on an icy island and must build structures to survive the harsh winter. It won't be easy because the environment itself is hostile. The game challenges your leadership skills as you also have to manage a small village consisting of other survivors. You'll need to assign tasks, make decisions, and ensure everyone's safety.

Introducing Frozen City Apk

If you are looking for an engaging survival game with innovative building mechanics, Frozen City for Android is the perfect choice. It will test your skills, instincts and strategy as you try to survive in this harsh winter environment.
Frozen city is a city building simulator in which you have to fight the cold. The construction of buildings takes place around the fire, providing heat to nearby buildings. As you grow, you can expand the can's build radius and turn a small flame into a giant heat generator. as in all similar projects, here players need to gather resources to build and maintain heat. In addition, people need food and medical care.

Frozen City game detail

This requires canteens and hospitals. since this is a shareware game, development from a certain point starts to slow down due to timing.

Highlights of Frozen City Apk

Explore the wild life in the ice

One of the best things about Frozen City is that it lets you explore wildlife in the ice. You can see polar bears, penguins and other animals in their natural habitat. It's a great way to learn about these animals and their ecosystems.
Distributing tasks properlyAs mentioned earlier, Frozen City offers players a variety of missions to contribute to the overall development of the city. The most important thing is that you need to provide jobs for all citizens here. They are capable of doing a variety of jobs, including hunters, cooks, and workers.

Frozen City game detail

When things get better, it's time to compromise. For example, you can build more cities to attract more residents to your community. In addition, you can help the survivors grow by providing them with supplies to survive and setting a reasonable production rate. Frozen City has many elements to enhance the city's functionality. Try out all the ingredients you want until you decide on the best method.

Survival simulation

The most basic characters in the game are called Survivors. Being an essential part of the workforce that ensures the smooth functioning of the metropolitan area. Assign your survivors the task of gathering resources and working in a variety of facilities.

Frozen City game detail

Graphics and sound

Frozen City does not possess high-quality graphics like games of the same genre. Every detail in the game is built in a traditional simple style. Players will see details that are not too clear on the screen, but still enough to feel the harsh environment around and the extraordinary energy of the people here. The sound in the game is also shown quite well. Even simply the sounds emitted from the activity in the town combined with the background music are enough to make the player feel impressed.

Frozen City game detail

No ads

This game originally had ads in it, but due to third party modification, all ads have been successfully removed. As long as you play, you won't get a single ad appearing.


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