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Farm Day Village Farming


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Dec 24, 2022

Download Farm Day Village Farming APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Farm Day Village Farming is a fun farm game, a farming simulation game, not an easy job. When playing farm game you will feel leisurely, relaxed and very gently immersed in a peaceful life. You join Farm Day Village Farming, you will have to work from farming, raising livestock, taking care of crops to raising livestock and you can't ignore extracurricular games like fishing, reading and lots of activities. Download the game now at TECHLOKY to experience the work and activities outside the game.

About farm day vilage farming Apk

Farm Day Village Farming is a fun farming game set in the context of you inheriting a farm from your parents. Farm Day Village Farming brings multiplayer fun farming activities, while experiencing the adventures of a farmer.

Farm Day Village Farming game detail

All activities in the game are associated with the life of the countryside. From growing food crops, fruit trees to taking care of livestock so that they provide you with raw materials. Complete the missions in the game to get many rewards. Transport goods to consumers. Simply enjoy the fun rural life. Let's start your journey in the farm in Farm Day Village Farming.

Highlights of farm day vilage farming Apk

Production cultivation

At Farm Day Village Farmer you'll find a huge game world, verdant farm meadows, the chance to have lots of animals, and build your dream farm with a medieval entourage. neck. In Farm Day Village Farmer: Offline Games, you will plant seeds, harvest bountiful crops, produce a variety of goods of your own production, as well as sell them on the market and receive in-game currency. This game supports offline mode, so you can have fun and equip your farm territory, wherever you are.

Farm Day Village Farming game detail

Adorable pets

Referring to a farm, it is impossible not to have cattle for meat. Typically such as raising chickens for eggs, taking care of cows for milk... To raise them, you should first build a cage to keep them in. Make suitable food for each species. Cultivate until the day it bears fruit, then sell it to the people. Arrange the position of the cages accordingly so that there is no shortage of space. Farm Day Village Farming also allows you to raise pets such as cats, dogs, horses... Pay attention to the store, collect items to own your own animal.

Farm Day Village Farming game detail

Agricultural Trade

In the game Farm Day Village Agricultural products have their own economic value. Grow crops, harvest to sell your goods to customers in the city, get rich from the farm and grow stronger. You do not worry about the number of customers because the demand and number of customers will be very large. Try to create products that you act as milk and cakes. You will be a hardworking farmer and live the life of a rich farmer.


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