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Family Island


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Jan 19, 2023

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Although Farm Island is a Farm game, this also includes a lot of other things. Of course, at the beginning of the game, you will manage a small farm.  This is the starting point for all the careers you can build here. A small garden, a house, and a hardworking farmer. After your friend has made enough crops for him, he can sell them to earn more money and invest in something else. The farm will be expanded to many surrounding areas and bring unique adventures that no other game has.

About Family Island Apk

Family Island can be described as a casual simulation game. The game is a combination of survival adventure and crop management. You must support an entire family to survive on an abandoned island in the game, build and run a farm, and complete various quests to earn various rewards. There are many crops that can be grown on the farm and they can be traded. In addition, there is a wide range of equipment that can be used for farming, assisting families of four to return to their city smoothly.

Family Island game detail

On this deserted island, what would the living conditions be without the latest technology? A family of four including Bruce, Eva and their children are stranded on this isolated island after a volcanic eruption of volcanic origin destroyed their old city. Help the family build a prosperous city.

Highlights of Family Island Apk

Graphics and sounds of the game

Family Island game detail


The graphics of Family Island are written on a 2D game platform that gives you fresh and realistic scenes with amazing natural scenes. As a game that simulates an idyllic and beautiful life around the player's own island, you will feel a certain peace on this island. Unlike normal farm simulation games, you are starting to build from the simplest things like prehistoric people to have the most modern life of your own.With a fresh color scheme with realistic game details and a smooth feel with no lag giving you the best gaming experience possible. The sound of the game is lively combined with the graphics of the game to make it even more vivid, you seem to step into a colorful and fresh nature picture.

Explore and expand the area

Not only does it bring elements related to the farm, but Family Island also allows players to expand the area by discovering new locations. The places surrounded by fog are unexplored places. The way to explore is also quite simple, you just need to destroy trees, rocks, bushes with the tools you have. Moreover, unlocking new areas will unlock more interesting stories about Bruce family that you may be interested in.

Family Island game detail


Interesting gameplay

When you play Family Island APK, you will lead a effortless lifestyle. You are one of four members of a family whose mission is to survive by feeding. The whole family found themselves alone on a deserted island with every tool. They are completely disconnected from the ern social

and therefore have to deal with wildlife. They will manage their new life on the island by farming and raising livestock, but the struggles continue. Play Family Island to learn how families overcome hardships and live lavish lives.

Family Island game detail

Unlock new islands

After completing all the necessary technology on your island. Now it is extremely stable and developed. That's when you can unlock more islands. Continue the journey to turn it into the most beautiful and developed new village. There are many islands corresponding to the milestones for you to overcome and build them. Concentrate fully on the work you are doing. Don't forget to take the time to enjoy the moment with your family. And many other types of attractive entertainment are waiting.


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