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If you are a fan of dragons and you want to train and nurture them? Let's play now Dragon City is a game where you can raise dragons as pets, train them to become powerful dragon warriors. When participating in the game, your main task is to build and develop your own dragon island, you can optionally build, decorate and destroy trees to expand the area for the island. Download Dragon City game on TECHLOKY to build and take care of your own dragons.

About Dragon City Apk

Dragon City is allowing you to create your own dragon farming city. The goal here is simple, collect, breed and fight.
The game was published in 2012 and since then it has grown to 100 million downloads. Currently, it remains one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store, and for many reasons.

Mainly because it is an original game that has a lot of interesting features for everyone. A world of dragons. Although dragons are just mythical beasts, they have inspired numerous movies, shows, books, and even games. They are big, dangerous and fiery but we love to see them in everything these days.

Dragon City game detail

Also, you can play with your friends. Join alliances with others, compete in PvP, and unlock tons of new features throughout your adventure!

Highlights of Dragon City Apk

Diversity of dragons

Dragon City, you can collect more than 1,000 awesome dragons. However, to get all of them will take a lot of time and effort. It's a great feeling to have so many dragons under your city that you can take care of. Each of them is unique and has different characteristics. They are also classified by classes. There are 10 types of dragons with the highest 10. But the higher the dragon type, the harder it is to get.

Dragon City game detail

Evolve and increase dragon skills

You can unlock different skills for your dragons. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the important thing is that you can collect Orbs to power up your dragons. Also, as you win more battles, you can also level up your dragons. They will become stronger as their stats increase.

Dragon City game detail

Decorate the dragon to your liking

There are many skins that you can collect and buy for your dragons. Each of them has unique animations and can enhance the look of your dragon. While it doesn't give them extra attack points, it's a great way to show off to your opponents.

Dragon Alliance

You can also join dragon alliances. You can chat with members, exchange orbs with them, participate in events and open alliance chests. There's just something wonderful about joining an alliance that you can feel comfortable with. This will allow you to thrive and become a much stronger trainer.

Dragon City game detail

PvP mode

You can also adventure through Dragon Quests and fight against real opponents in PvP. The stronger your dragons, the faster you can level up. But be aware that you will be matched with similarly qualified players for an even playing field. It should also be noted that certain attacks may not be effective against certain dragons due to their elements. Once there, creating a sound strategy to ensure your victory.

Dragon City game detail

High quality graphics

Dragon City is in 3D but it has everything you could ask for in a dragon game. The dragons look cool, the city is alive and you have full control over everything thanks to the simple user interface design.


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