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In Doraemon X, players will participate in a variety of exciting missions. From things like solving puzzles and obstacles, fighting with the mind, finding items and materials to craft and upgrade tools, to interacting with side characters and completing quests side service. The game also gives players the opportunity to participate in recreational activities such as fishing, racing and participating in mini-games that ensure players will be entertained for hours.

Doraemon X game detail

Players can collect and upgrade various characters with their unique skills and stats and use them to compete with other players in real-time PvP matches. The game also features a single-player story mode where the player can accompany Nobita and Doraemon on various adventures.

Introducing Dogas Doraemon X

Dogas Doraemon X is a mobile game based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series Doraemon. The game features various characters from the series, including the famous robotic cat Doraemon and his friend Nobita.

Doraemon X game detail

One of the best Apps is its dynamic and optimized design. The game's 2D animation style resembles the first anime and manga series, and the reality of the game is filled with unique and amazing complications that fans of the series will enjoy playing.
The game builds with a large and detailed world, recreating familiar locations like in the familiar comic series such as Nobita's house, school, time museum and many other interesting places. Stunning graphics and immersive sound effects give the game an immersive, immersive world.

Highlights of Dogas Doraemon

Fascinating storyline

At the heart of the Doraemon X game is a compelling storyline that pulls you into the world of Doraemon. This beloved character will take you on adventures full of fun, suspense and a bit of mystery. This compelling story adds depth to the game, making your gaming experience much more engaging and immersive than a standard mobile game.

Doraemon X game detail

A colorful world

Doraemon Xuka takes players into a colorful world where cities, villages and many exotic locations are vividly recreated. From Nobita's school to the museum of time, you'll discover familiar locations and participate in the daily lives of the characters in the series.

Doraemon X game detail

Adventure discovery

As Nobita, players will embark on an adventure journey through many different levels. Overcoming obstacles and solving complex puzzles becomes the path to progress, enhancing excitement and sense of accomplishment.

Doraemon X game detail

Graphics and sound

With realistic 2D graphics, this game gives users a realistic visual feeling like in an original cartoon. If you are a lover of anime movies, then the character image is very similar.

Doraemon X game detail

Soundbar is an essential component to bring the game to life and fun. The sound effects in this game application are of very good quality and are narrated by many characters in the game. The fact that players can imitate the voices of the characters in the game is what makes the game so attractive and special.


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