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Deep Sleep 2 is a refreshing porn clicker. The player himself acts as the main character. It was his girlfriend, who had fallen asleep on the couch and was completely unconcerned with the pleasant awakening from her partner's caress. It is necessary to seduce a girl with the help of three main tools, the order of which is determined independently by the player.

Deep sleep game detail

The player can track when the girl is about to awaken using the scale. He can also increase her sleep time using the game's tools. It is important for users to remember that quick and intense caresses, although they will contribute to arousing the girlfriend, will not lead to the desired results. The girl has to wake up in a good mood in order for the protagonist to get the coveted intimacy scene at the end of the game.

About Deep Sleep 2

Deep Sleep 2 is a very interesting interactive communication game. In the game, the player can experience it by watching the interactive gameplay related to the game. Understanding current level content, learning about different source materials and learning about Super Wellness gameplay will allow you to interact with different characters and develop new games. Interactive elements await the player's emotions.

Deep sleep game detail

The content of the game is rich, the plot of the game is simple, does not require text materials, and is easy to learn.
The main task of the user is to entice girlfriends into intimate games. Graduation and timeliness is very important, haste can make a girl angry. The game will end in failure and neither partner gets to have fun. The player can change the position of the girlfriend's body for maximum pleasure without waking her up.

Features of Deep Sleep 2

Quality pictures

Bonus scene for completing the game with optimal results. This scene will be worth the effort.
High-quality graphics detail every curve of your girlfriend's body.

Deep sleep game detail

The ability to select strokes independently with the help of three main tools.
The simple gameplay, The Ability to Change, will let you go through the game a few more times.The girl's level of sleep increases reasonably, which will allow her to better discover what she likes.

Alarm clock

Deep Sleep 2 will help my girl get a good night's sleep.  Wake you up and don't worry that the alarm will be too loud or startle you.The alarm sound is very soothing, along with many sounds for you to choose from including meditation, nature, white noise to start a new day. You can adjust the volume for that alarm.

Deep sleep 2 game detail

A custom sleep program

Have you had enough co-sleeping programs that aren't right for you. Having trouble finding a sleep routine that fits your schedule. Deep Sleep 2 allows you to create your own custom sleep schedule based on preferences.

Deep sleep 2 game detail

Monitor your sleep

Deep Sleep 2 allows you to track your sleep using the latest technology implemented in this game. Make it easy for you to check this girl's sleep with the feature provided. It will be helpful to determine the bedtime each day, keeping in mind what will help the girl understand what disturbs and affects her sleep. Your daily activities affect your body's use of nutrients and sleep in the form of substances.The stress relief activities in this app will show you how to sleep well, recharge for the best activities of the new day.


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