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Another Hunt with ferocious monsters waiting to be destroyed. Together with colleagues, you have to fight them. You will need unique skills and special weapons.  Your teammates can also face the devil. To fight the demons, you will also need money to upgrade your weapons and use some weapons.

Another Hunt game detail

As part of the PVP nature of the game, you will compete with other players to be the winner and gain points. The more monsters you defeat, the more points you earn. After each battle, you will receive rewards and new heroes.

About Another Hunt Apk

Another Hunt is an online multiplayer action game where you can choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities. Strategy is irrelevant as each battle will take place in a complex location with many corridors, rooms, etc. Also, the developers decided to play it in classic mode so that you get the experience. 

Another Hunt game detail

You are a hunter and have always dreamed of becoming a talented hunter. But you don't have the time nor the resources to participate in such programs.  You have to take care of your family and only get a short break. Then another hunt is born for you. Download now to feel like a real hunter in Another Hunt.

Highlights of Another Hunt Apk

Graphics and sounds are lively

Another Hunt game detail

The 3D graphics of this game give great clarity and texture to the game environment. It gives a spacious, airy and beautiful atmosphere. The movements of the characters in the game are very realistic. The fun game bar continues throughout the game with various hints and tips.

Other game resources

The game has a lot of interesting stuff all over the map.  For example, fugitives can use shape-shifting objects to escape predators and get coins from supply crates.  A hunter can set traps to catch fugitives. In addition, there are item card tricks where the player must master the use of different item cards to gain an extra advantage and be on his way to victory.

Another Hunt game detail

Addictive game title

Hunting apps and other search games have two roles and multiple levels. In each round, you will need to think fast to spot or evade your enemies. You will have a unique thrilling experience with fast matchmaking and extreme long battles.
Immerse yourself in a unique new exciting multiplayer game. The game allows one person in each game to play the role of a hunter and their mission is to find the fugitives, shoot them and keep them in the room.  Players take on the role of fugitives and are tasked with opening the scattered safes.



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