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Another Girl In The Wall is another game in the series and the story of this game also takes place in a hidden city full of all kinds of secrets City game Some puzzles vary from game to game, but the logic behind solving puzzles is always the same.

Another Girl game detail

For those who are grown up and like simulation games, Another Girl In The Wall is an interesting game that you should try. This game has a unique storyline and many attractive features. MPlayers overcome puzzles and quests in excitement. Let's dive into our article below and find out interesting information about this game.

Introducing Another Girl In The Wall

Another Girl In The Wall is a great escape game for smartphones produced by Dark Dome. The story of this game takes place in a secret city with lots of secrets and fun puzzles. The plot is like the girl in the window because it tells the story of a building that was formerly the site of a murder. Where the adventure begins because you are tasked with solving the mysteries in these buildings and cities.

Another Girl game detail

Another Girl In The Wall is a fun interactive game you can play on your Android device or Windows PC in which you control the character by pinning it to the wall, you can choose from options  different and interact with that character. You can choose from a variety of actions to perform with your character so you can have fun and enjoy yourself.

Another Girl In The Wall highlights


The game has high quality graphics that look very attractive. You will see colorful and finely crafted objects that you can interact with and use in the game.

Another Girl game detail

New exciting activities

Another Girl In The Wall game allows you to perform different actions with characters to have fun. With the right arrow you can choose from different items that you can use for cute characters.

Lovely character

The game features two beautiful girls with different looks. Choose any letter of your choice. And enjoy to your heart's content.

Another Girl game detail

Character customization

Although there are only two characters in the game, you can customize their appearance. You can change their hairstyle and clothes.

Another Girl game detail

Sound effects

The sound effects added to the game add to the fun of the game. Everything you do with the character in the game looks authentic with his real voice.

Another Girl game detail

No ads

Did you know that in this game you will not find ads like other free apps. They can cause lag or distraction for you. Another Girl In The Wall free download is always ready for you to discover.


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