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Players control their superheroes, fighting through the levels to save the world. Players can upgrade their heroes' skills, as well as customize their costumes to make them stronger in the fight against evil. The game is designed for both the elderly and the young, making it the perfect choice for family nighttime entertainment.

About Syahata A Bad Day

Syahata A Bad Day by choosing one of three heroes: Lumina, Blaze or Spark. Each character has unique skills needed to win the game. Lumina can launch fireballs, bursting into flames and bouncing off glittering surfaces to evade enemy attacks. Players need to collect power-ups to help them along the way. These include getting health, time bonuses, extra lives.

Highlights of Syahata A Bad Day Apk

Pixel art graphics

Syahata A Bad Day is a game that loses itself, with its unique pixel art world and smooth animation. Not only that, the color palette has been optimized to give the best classic 2D side scrolling experience.

Challenging game

Control your character in increasing difficulty levels while using platforms, ropes and ladders to reach higher levels and avoid the zombies. Navigating through tense situations will challenge even the most experienced players.

Different weapons

Collect coins along the way to buy powerful weapons like swords, guns, grenades and rocket launchers to fight off ferocious zombies. Use skill points earned to improve your character's accuracy and precision in battle.

Many characters, diverse costumes

Play as multiple characters with different abilities and unlock different outfits to further customize their appearance. Each outfit has stats that can affect how you deal with obstacles or fight enemies, so choose wisely.

Many mysteries

Explore stunning locations like ancient forests, haunted castles, and dark alleyways as you recover from a bad day. Each level offers exciting new challenges that will push your limits while taking advantage of the beautiful vintage-style visuals.


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