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If you are a fan of dragon balls then you must have had a very interesting childhood. The series is one of the best and has received many awards and honors today. Power Warriors is a game that allows you to play the game perfectly.
Now you can enjoy fierce anime battles in this game. You can enjoy many anime characters like Goku, Trunks, Gohan, etc. Nowadays, there are also many Goku characters that are stronger than others in the game.

Power Warriors game detail

Power Warriors is a fast-paced fighting game featuring characters from the Dragon Ball series. Besides the intense battles, you will discover many amazing moves and techniques that help players conquer all enemies based on their skills.

Introducing Power Warriors

Power Warriors is a 2D fast-paced fighting game made for the Android platform based on the characters from the Dragon Ball series, where you can engage in intense battles with other characters. Power Warriors has over 20 stages, each with its own storyline to reward you with valuable items as you succeed in tough combat challenges.

Power Warriors game detail

Several game modes are included in Power Warriors, including Arcade, challenge, 1v1, and team combat. The game includes more than 250 characters, such as Gohan, Trucks, Goku, all the characters from Dragon Ball, along with different evolved versions of Goku and Vegeta. As you move through the different stages of Power Warriors. You will face many villains, such as Freiza Force, Mabu,..

Power Warriors Highlights

In-game story mode

Playing the most popular game mode Power Warriors will fuel your passion for the game. The scenario of this game is similar to the repeat mode and you have to defeat many enemies to win. Reading the novel from beginning to end is your only chance against these enemies.

Power Warriors game detail

Multi-mission game

Players like this mode because they can complete several missions. By forcing you to complete 10 fights before continuing, these games teach you about different game genres.

Power Warriors game detail

Boss battle

This game offers many boss battles for you to participate in. Challenge your opponents today and see how far your abilities can take you. Enjoy pixel graphics now while pushing yourself to the max. You can enjoy many skills thanks to this game.

Power Warriors game detail

Free PK Battle

You can fight your favorite opponents with combinations like 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3.

Classic graphics

You will enjoy the nostalgic feeling of 80s and 90s games with this game's nostalgic graphics. Is a new game with classic graphics, not the old game.


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