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 Lost Treasure 2 is an engaging and thrilling mobile game. It takes the player on an adventure to uncover lost treasure, where every turn offers unexpected surprises. This apk for Android allows players to experience this incredible journey with their own freedom, choices and decisions to guide them through this mysterious world.

 Lost Treasure 2 offers hours of entertainment that is not only entertaining but also encourages exploration and discovery giving players a sense of accomplishment when they find what was once thought to be legendary!

 Lost Treasure 2 brings a whole new level of customization to the game. With its apk, players can unlock exclusive content and gain access to powerful weapons, items and abilities that will help them traverse this exciting world with ease. The also allows users to customize their character's appearance as well as their skill set to create an even more immersive experience. Players have the option to download various mini-games that provide an additional level of excitement during exploration.

 Lost Treasure 2 game detail

 Highlights of Lost treasure 2

 The latest version offers a world of unprecedented opportunities. With its apk, there is nothing stopping players from unlocking exclusive content and discovering powerful weapons to help them explore this thrilling universe with ease!

 Lost Treasure 2 game detail

Beautiful HD graphics

The puzzle game allows you to be part of an unforgettable adventure, explore colorful places, solve puzzles, look for clues and do everything you can to find lost treasures. You'll find yourself in a vast archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean near the Galapagos Islands, which means you'll be able to appreciate all the incredible beauty of the game world and its features locations, represented by stunning HD graphics.

 Lost Treasure 2 game detail

Exciting adventure game

Custom composed background music and sound effects. Dynamic map to show screens you've visited and current location. The camera takes pictures of clues and symbols as you explore them. Dozens of puzzles, clues and items. Automatically save your progress. Get helpful written hints to help get you on the right track and complete video tutorials for each hint and quiz.



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