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Extreme Car Driving Simulator


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Aug 29, 2023

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers variety in the way you drive your car. The speed is also divided into two forms Km / h and MPH optional according to your liking. A few small items in the game that are worth mentioning are the game mode and vehicle system. Unlimited driving, no police presence, so you are free to mess up the streets. Crash with any car, or hit everything on the way. Without a rule, the whole big city is yours. Extreme Car Driving Simulator game lets you show all your skills in front of everyone.

About Extreme Car Driving Simulator

If you are a speed enthusiast or a supercar lover, you cannot ignore the best racing simulator Extreme Car Driving Simulator on your phone. With a huge world, you can drive on any street, race with endless recreational traffic, you will be driving super cars Lamborghini, ferari, audi,..

extreme car driving simulator apk

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Super car collection

A strange point in this game is that you cannot know the name of the car. You can view a 360 degree rotation through Photo Mode. Observe the vehicle and decide whether to unlock it or not.

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Various maps

The location of the races in the game is mostly on the wide streets of the city. Even people who move back and forth do not appear to you as a hegemony and the roads. The game has many different locations.

extreme car driving simulator apk download

Show your skills

Unlike other speed racing games, Extreme Car Driving Simulator instead focuses on skill factors rather than speed. The main task of the player is to control his racing car to move on all roads and show off his superior driving skills.

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Various car customization

You can change in a car that is color, Skins, rims and color of rims. Your vehicle can only be customized with external elements.

extreme car driving simulator apk unlimited money

Sound and vivid picture

The sound and images of the game are extremely vivid and realistic. It is not inferior to any racing game on the market. Authenticity helps you to play simulation games on your phone to get the best feeling.


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